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Cruickshank Remodeling History

History   Roots in Art, Design and Engineering

From constructing tree forts in his youth to designing passive solar houses, founder/owner Brad Cruickshank has always known that "home" is a special place you want to be.

The Birth of Cruickshank Remodeling
With an engineering degree from Brown University (he also fulfilled requirements for a major in fine art) Brad went on to graduate with a Master of Architecture degree from Yale University. While working at an architecture and engineering firm in Atlanta, he began renovating his own historic Inman Park home and discovered a passion for residential design and construction. Cruickshank Remodeling's parent company, Cruickshank, Inc. was incorporated in September of 1980 as a vehicle for Brad's architectural design, construction, and real estate ventures.

While remodeling his third home, Brad left the design-only profession of architecture to pursue his passion. Brad hired his first two carpenters and began doing small remodeling projects for neighbors and friends. By word of mouth, he soon began a series of four whole-house remodels for an early client. To meet the growing needs of his clients and ever expanding scope of renovation projects, additional superintendents and several support carpenters were brought on board. In 1996, Brad purchased the building at 1079 Alco Street, the current home of Cruickshank Remodeling.

Growth & Diversification
Major remodeling awards have been earned over the years, and Brad is now a regular seminar speaker on home remodeling issues. When not speaking, Brad has continued to run the Cruickshank Remodeling and steer it through ups and downs in the economy. As it always has been throughout the Cruickshank company history, even in the toughest times, quality work and strong working relationships have kept the company afloat while other remodeling businesses floundered and many sank. 

To diversify his company, in the mid-1990s he launched another division of Cruickshank, Inc., now known as Reliant Commercial Construction, that provides handyman services to quality retailers.

Cruickshank Remodeling Today
Through the years - amid shifting styles, technology and homeowner desires - the Cruickshank team holds steady to the belief that those who care and really listen to the client will perform best. We know that our diligent efforts will build lasting relationships with homeowners that can be as satisfying for us as the creative process itself.

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